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Air filter, vacuum gun, in addition to water, J - 38, J - 50, J - 75

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
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Aluminum, Steel
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Wonder Gun
Jumbo Type
1.Connection with Compressor
Please connect air hose between the compressor and the hose joint of gun.
Do not use easy joint such as the coupler since it may cause inefficient performance.
Please use the designated hoses to each model to maintain optimal performance: 1/2”
for J-38 and J-50, 3/4” for J-75.
2. Suction
For suction operation, attaching a short hose is preferred.
Induce the air main air jet and compressed air simultaneously during suction operation
Depending on the transfer distance, please connect the guns in a row of 2 or 3 to
maintain optimum performance.
In case of 2 gun connection, combination with regular type and powerful type is available.
Please inquire for the combination.
3. Discharge
Please open and close air cock SLOWLY during the discharge operation to avoid any
risks of sudden and strong shock as a reaction.
Please confirm with the specifications tables to connect the air hoses for best
In case of insufficient compressed air supply, operation may result in low
DANGER Please do a thorough read prior to the operation.
Please attach the dust collection bag during suction to prevent the sucked in materials from
hitting a person or subjects, or it may cause serious damage to human body / life
Please be careful with the scattered materials when blowing
Please wear protection glasses while operating to prevent loss of eyesight, or the
scattered materials may hit your eyes
Do not use this device on a human body
Do not suck anything considered as dangerous in general situation
Do not misuse as it might cause serious damage to human body /
Please check if all the parts are tightened properly prior to each operation
Please make sure that no foreign substance is caught in the moving part, or the device may
not operate properly
Please make sure the air hose is attached properly and fastened by the hose clamp at the
Air Joint.
If not, compressed air hose may disconnect and might become dangerous
Use with the air pressure gauge under 0.9MPa (9kg/cm2)
Do not use beside ears
It may cause hearing disorder because of the exhaust noise
In case of using this device for adsorption, please test well whether the device adsorbs well
since this is not designed for that purpose
This device is not suitable for liquid suction since it may lead to mist getting mixed with the air
The compressed air might get mixed with the sucked in materials when passing through this
device during suction
Please use SILENT CLEANER for liquid suction
Do not use this device except for suction, blow off, or transfer
Use with the temperature under 40°C
Keep out of reach from children
In case you have any question about the usage, stop operation immediately and inquire
the manufacturer
Please keep this caution note at a place where the operator can easily read at anyti
Processing range
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Packing:plastic pipe packing inside,bubble bag .
Laser Print: According to your needs